Sandra Wilde, MSW, RSW 
Counselling Services

helping you find answers to life's challenges

Services Offered

With care and support, I will work with you on the issues that concern you most.  I will help you gain new perspectives and discover alternative ways of dealing with your particular circumstances.  Over time, you will achieve greater peace of mind and balance in your life.  My services include:

Individual Counselling

One-on-one counselling will give you an opportunity to talk about your concerns and expand your understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  I will provide you with a safe and trusting atmosphere where you will determine your goals and develop new strategies to help you manage the challenges in your life more effectively.

Couple Counselling

Within a supportive and neutral setting, you will have an opportunity to explore your differences and learn how your words and behaviours affect one another.  You will receive equal time, attention and understanding and will be given "homework" to support your work in the sessions.  Over time, you will find better ways of communicating and problem solving and begin to build a more trusting and satisfying relationship.       

Family Counselling 

Family counselling may involve all or some members of the family, depending the the issues presented, ages and needs of the family.  All members will have an opportunity to share their opinions and be involved in finding solutions that promote better relationships and understanding within the family.